The HMS Sirius

The HMS Sirius one of the flagships of the first fleet had 20 guns and it had 40 cannons it was a navel warship it weighed 540 tons 32 feet wide and it carried 160 people.
The few relices on the first fleet that can be seen today include Reverend Richard Johnson's bible and prayer book now held at St.Phillips church,Sydney
and the anchor and cannons of the Sirius salvaged in 1890 from Norfolk Island and now display at Darling Harbour Sydney.
At first light on Sunday 13 May 1787 ,the Sirius headed the Fleet out to sea.Captain Hunter of the Sirius in the second division sighted the coast on 7th of January at 2;00pm,the precise hour he had worked out from his obsavatories.
The merchant ship Berwick was built by Watson's of Rotherhithe in 1780 for the Batalic trade; but she is famous in Australian History as HMS Sirius having served under this name, refit as an armed navel vessel , as the flagship of the first fleet.The first fleet set out from Portsmouth, England.
In 1787 to establish the first European colony in New South Wales, Australia, the following year

The First Fleet

In the first fleet there were 11 ships and they came back with 11 ships . The first fleet started at Portsmouth and then went to canary Islands then Rio De Janerio and then Port Jackson. the ships were HMS Sirius, HMS Supply, Golden Grove, Fishburn, Alexander, Friendship, Scarborough, Prince of Wales, Lady Penrhyn, Charlotte, Borrowdale
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