The HMS Supply was a naval warship which sailed in the First Fleet. It carried 80 guns, 4 tonnes of paper, 6 tonnes of food, 12 tonnes of building material, 12 tonnes of rum and the rest were other cargo and people. The sails were 7 tonnes . The ship was 70 feet long and 26 feet wide. It also carried extra supplies for HMS Sirius. The HMS Supply was built in 1759 for the admiralty in a Thames side shipyard.It was the fastest vessel in the First Fleet,so it could round up vessels that had become detached from the Fleet. The HMS Supply's crew serched for a man who fell overboard on the Alexander on 27th of July,1787.It also was sent Ahead to find landand reylayed with the commodoe's signals which sometimes were observed or ignored. Because of the HMS Supply's size,it lay so low in the water that in a gale vessel llaboured a great deal and could carry a little canvas. The captain of the HMS Supply was Henry Lidgbird Ball and the second officer was John Winter.The voyage of the first fleet was like this:
  • Depart Portsmouth (England) 13 May,1787.
  • Stop Tenerife (Canary Islands) 3rd June,1787.
  • Stop Reo de Janerio (Brasil) 6th August,1787.
  • Stop Capetown (South Africa) 14th October,1787.
  • Arrive Port Jackson (Australia) 26th January,1787.

Before arriving at Port Jackson, HMS Supply was sent ahead of the fleet to plant the English flag at Botany Bay. HMS Supply was also the flagship on the voyage back to England after the loss of the HMS Sirius on its last voyage. HMS Supply left Port Jackson on the 26th of November 1791. It was sailing to Plymouth (England) via Capehorn. The HMS Supply arrived at Plymouth (England) on the 21st of April,1792.

By Ameer Dimeglio