James Squire was born in 1754 18th of December he was born in Kingston Upon Thames England .His father was Timothy Squire and his mothers name was Mary Wells. The crime`s James did were in 1785 when James on the highway it was called a highway robbery,Before he did a nother crime he was sentenced for seven 7 year to America .His next crime was when James stole 5 hens and 4 cocks and the drivers other goods. His relationships were with three women James`s first relationship was with Mary Spencer his kids names were John, Sarah and Martha. His second relationship was with Elizabeth Mason she was a convict as a servant and James`s kids names were Francis, Mary and Priscilla. James`s last partner was with and her name was called Lucy Vaughan-Harding and his kid’s names were Sarah, James, Timothy, Elizabeth and Mary Ann. when I was sentenced to Australia in the first fleet out of all the 11ship`s james Squire came on the Friendship. And on his trip he was not welocme on the Friendship so he had to changed to the Charlotte before the ship`s arived at Botne Bay wich now is called . Before James was a convict he had a job as being a person who made beer. James made his beer in van Daemons Land wich is now called Tasmania . When James was transported to Australia James had to leave his family behind.James was in his 68th year when he died.The cause of James`s death was from dilling with a illness for over 3 months.He died on the 16th of May 1822 at Kissing Point,Sydney,Australia.


by maddison