The Prince of wales was the 6th ship of the first fleet. Prince of wales,transport,450 tons,103 feet long, 29 feet wide,carried 1 male and 100 female convicts. The pince of wales was a transporter ship for the convicts. The prince of wales left portsmouth at, 1787, August 15th and had a 8 month trip to portjackson, and arrived on April the 20th. The prince of wales was skippered by Mster John Mason It was built at the thames in 1786. It operated in England until 1797. She was built by the firm Christopher Watson and Co of rotherhight. Master John Mason died of scurvy caused by lack of vitamin c on the return voyge. The prince of wales was used in England 1797and then its registration was sighned over to Fort Royal at Martinique.