The Boat
The captian of the Charlotte is captian Thomas Gilbert.The ship is 310 tonnes of cargo,8 tonnes of people and the ship wayed 13 tonnes.105 Ft long, 28 ft wide.It had 88 male convicts and 20 female convicts.
The trip
  • Departed on 13th of may 1787
  • stoped at Tenerife 1st of June 1787
  • stoped again at Rio de Janeiro 6th of August 1787
  • stoped again at Cape Town 14th of october 1787
  • Arrive 26th of January1788 in N.S.W
  • 2 convicts and 1 officer died of scurvy on the trip
  • When they arrived the land as we see Port Jackson now was not, it had cliffs the size of 4 soried building which took 8 hours, 24 minutes and 43 seconds to climb.
  • One of the row boats were set o

The Convicts
The convicts that were unmeaning for their crime were put on the lower deck but the convicts that comited murder or stealth of lots of things that really ment it and hate everyone were put on the third level in the the main cargo. Some of the men and women that weren't sentenced for litle time were some times aloud to help in the kitchen with the cook and mabe if they were good some time s they were pulled up on deck to work in position of a worker that is ill or has died. On the ship they each got to eat was
  • 3 kg of bread
  • 3kg of beef
  • 2kg of pork
  • 1l of dried peas
  • 200g of butter
  • 200g of rice
  • 17L of water
This was what all the convicts had to eat for a week, the possibilety was some convicts were feed a piece of fruit for the good deed they have done.The marines and officers got all of that plus water and rum\beer\spirits.60% of these convicts were gentleman and spent the life that there was still to finish in Austalia and are the start of our family's generation.30% of the convicts became bush Rangers and probably died (shot by police).6.7% of the convicts went back to England or their home town and started all over again in the normal ritual.0.3% became a famous explorer from the 18 th century (1 convict). The rest were massive gold finders.During the overnight stay at Tenerife, Africa some of the convicts in the jails seller in tenerife from the Charlotte planed an ascape to steel and run away with the charlotte but got lost and got caught walking past the marines quaters.Their sleeping quaters were taken from the convicts to help with badly ingured officials and high graded people on the ship.their sleeping quaters were a doner cover stuffed with foam or feathers.the officials were thought to have worse as they had a bunk bed but the bed its self was a cloth with a pillow.