The Golden Grove was found by Captain Adam Robertson, who named it after the last ship he commanded. The ship of 375 tons had the distinction of carrying Richard Johnson, the first chaplain to the colony. The Golden Grove was built in 1780 at Whitby and was skippered by Master Sharp for the First Fleet voyage.
On 13th May 1787 the Golden Grove set off with some rough weather. A week later the convicts on board of the Golden Grove planned to take over the ship but they were discovered and were flogged.
Convicts were loaded off wagons at Beach Point onto boats which them to the Golden Grove and then the Golden Grove got anchored further out.
They Golden Grove was one of the first First Fleet store ships filled with cargo. There were lots of convicts on the Golden Grove such as Robert Abel, James Bartlett, Joseph Carver, Richard Day, William Earle, Phillip Farrell, Francis Gardner, John Handford, Benjamin Ingram, Hannah Jackson and Thomas Kelly.
The Golden Grove left Port Jackson on 19th November 1788, keeping company with the Fishburn until losing sight of her on April 11th 1789, after several days at Falk’s Islands for recovery of crew members who were sick with scurvey. She arrived back in England 9th of June 1789. After recovery the Golden Grove continued with their big journey from England to Australia.

By Julia

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